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  • Gemstones Knowedge – What is a Emeralds?

    Emeralds stones have always fascinated … Their color is intense, the rarity becomes even more rare day after day. Colombian emeralds are the most seeked. And some emeralds can even get to a higher value than diamonds. The emerald is a mineral that comes from the group of silicates, a subgroup of the cyclosilicates and a variety of the beryl. …

  • Gemstones Knowedge – What is a Tsavorite?

    Tsavorite is a gemstone from the garnet family that was discovered in 1967 in Tanzania and again in Kenya in 1971, near the Tsavo East National Park. Tiffany & Co took interest in this light to deep, rich green gemstone, so much so that they proposed the name in honor of Tsavo East National Park, and started a marketing campaign …

  • David Webb 'Zebra' bracelet with cabochon rubies, brilliant cut diamonds and enamel in 18k gold and platinum, and 'Chevron' ring with brilliant cut diamonds and enamel in 18k gold and platinum

    David Webb New York celebrated its 70th anniversary this year. In many respects, the success of the brand has been based both upon the brilliance of David Webb himself, as well as the principles upon which he built his brand: true independence in the creative process, as well employing a succession of artisans and craftsmen whose passion is evident in …

  • Cartier’s Diamond-Encrusted Black Ceramic Juste un Clou Will Set You Back $1,9000USD

    Purveyors of some of the most lavishly styled jewelry in fashion history, French luxury label Cartier has unveiled a limited edition Juste un Clou for die hard fans across the globe. In what can be considered as a contemporary interpretation of the iconic Juste un Clou bracelet, the piece created by the ancestor designer Aldo Cipullo has this time around …

  • Cartier Juste Un Clou: One Design, Many Personalities

    How do you elevate a humble piece of hardware to fashion cult status? Just ask Cartier. In 1971, a young Italian designer by the name of Aldo Cipullo dared to do the unthinkable: he took an everyday household object and turned it into the fine jewellery icon of the decade. 46 years later, the legacy of Juste un Clou lives …

  • Van Cleef & Arpels Magic Alhambra long malachite necklace

    Famed Parisian jeweler Van Cleef & Arpels first produced this Magic Alhambra malachite necklace back in the Sixties. Featuring 16 four-leaf clovers carved from the beautifully striated green gemstone on a long yellow gold chain, the Alhambra collection is designed to bring luck to all those who wear it. Gems Malachite Occasion Birthday Christmas Graduation Just Because Mother’s Day No …

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