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Loose Diamonds

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The term “Loose Diamonds” refers to un-mounted diamonds that have not yet been set into jewelry. Many discerning buyers choose to shop for loose diamonds separate from the setting in which they will be worn. This is understandable, since the center stone in engagement rings is typically considerably more valuable than the mounting in which it will be set.
If you are like most people, you may be concerned with how to select loose diamonds from a list. The first thing that you should realize is that loose diamond lists are simply a guideline. There are many subtle differences in diamond grading that can drastically affect the value of a diamond. Examples of pricing variances can be found on almost any website with a diamond price list. You need only select a specific color, cut and clarity from most diamond sites to see the broad range of values within the same grading range. It is usually safe to assume that these price variances are due to factors that may not be discernible by simply reading a loose diamond chart.

Once you discover the inconsistency of diamond prices, do not be discouraged. Viewing these lists can still be helpful. Start by doing some homework. Take a little time to gain some basic knowledge about diamond cut, diamond color, and diamond clarity. Once you have attained an understanding of the fundamentals of grading loose diamonds, you will have a pretty good idea of the characteristics you should be seeking. Your newly acquired diamond information will provide you with the ability to ask important questions to reveal reasons for the variations in a diamond’s value.

If you are looking at diamonds online, your search should lead you to lists of stones that fall within the criteria you have chosen. Now you need to consult with the dealer representing the loose diamonds you are considering. A qualified gemologist or consultant can walk you through the subtle differences in each stone, and help you to understand the variances in each loose diamond on your list. As a layman, it is almost impossible to understand all there is to know without a little coaching. There are many considerations beyond the 4C’s to consider when selecting a diamond. It is for this reason that you should speak directly with a professional when buying loose diamonds online.

If it is possible, you should visit a diamond dealer and look at the loose diamonds firsthand. There is no substitute for firsthand exposure when searching for the diamond that is right for you. Many of the characteristics that affect diamond prices are best understood after seeing them in person.

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