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Customise your jewelry at BeRealRealOur custom design service utilises industry leading 3D CAD technology, a global network for supplying gemstones, and an award winning design team with a passion for creativity, style and craftsmanship. Whether it be a luxury brand jewelry, or a unique piece with personal significance, our dedicated team can make your dream piece of jewellery a reality. The process begins with a one on one discussion with one of our designers, where we make note of everything that is important to you, and we sketch some basic concepts. If you are buying a diamond, we can educate you on all you need to know, and teach you why not all diamonds are the same. Once we have a clear understanding of your ideas, we will get to work on putting together a quote. Most people are limited to a budget, so whether yours be large or small, we will select metals and stones to suit where possible.

If the design incorporates gemstones that aren’t in store, we will source them for your approval. Only when you are happy with the stones and the quote, do we require a deposit. From here we will draw the design in our 3D software (when necessary), which is capable of generating photo realistic images. When you are completely happy with the design, and approve the 3D model, we start manufacturing. From here you leave the rest to us. Our models are 3D printed on the latest machines and cast into metal. Our team then assemble and polish the metal, and precisely set the gemstones. Our final step is quality control, where we check every aspect of the piece, to make sure we can ensure the quality, and longevity of our work.


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    Not only do we offer a bespoke product, but an unmatched level of customer service. Purchasing a timepiece through BeRealReal is a very significant investment, and we endeavour to offer a truly VIP experience to all of our clients. Once you have worked with us you will be a client for life.

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